Music Picks: March

I’ve done that most heinous of crimes in blogging: I’ve promised regular updates and then gone quiet for about a month and a half


But here we are with a new Music Picks for the whole of March and the start of April! There’s a real mixture of songs here as this month has been a real mixture of weather and workloads. Seriously, if Spring could just appear that would be great because there has definitely been a change in music as the producers get ready to create summer tracks for the likes of Ibiza, Kos and others. Anyway, these are my picks for March:


Teenage Kicks – Nouvelle Vague

This remaking of a classic has calm written throughout it. A discovery from the background music of a dinner out, this one has been securely placed in my favourites for the past couple of weeks. If you think this track is good, make sure you check out the rest of the album for some spectacularly rude and hilarious songs all with that rather calming feel to it.


Reunite – Isbells

Found late in the night and becoming an earworm of mine is this one from Isbells. Best way to experience this track is to just leave it playing and forget about it for a bit if you can, believe me it will slowly work itself into your head and become stuck there.


Braveheart – Neon Jungle

Yep, definitely going to get some flak for this one but I just can’t help putting it in. Come on, if this was played in the middle of a set you’d be bopping away to it before you even realised what it was. It may be generic, predictable and the lyrics are poor but sometimes you just want a bit of ridiculousness and bass.


That Man – Caro Emerald

After that last one let’s go back to the calmer and get a bit of swing in there with the lovely Caro Emerald. This may be the only track I’ve put on here but make sure that you check out the rest of her work as this is a rising artist who is worth noting either now or when you’re too late and everyone else has already heard her.


Goddess – Chrome Sparks

Now with all of that I haven’t forgotten the true glitchy nature of my ears and this track is the one to pull it back. Those who have been liking most, if not all, of the previous choices for March may want to turn your ears away now, but I think this track has a fresh and free feeling to it that makes it worth blogging about…so there.


Lovefool – The Cardigans (Goshfather & Jinco vs. Dr Fresch Edition)

Let it never be known that I miss a chance to get the Cardigans into your music library! This new edition of the classic song may not be to everyone’s tastes but it’s worth a listen.


With recent changes to the world believe me this blog is going to get more regular so make sure you follow @FaceFor_Radio for all the regular updates and check back here for the next blog post soon.


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