Tunes From Your Life

Sometimes you just pick up the most random of things on the web. But this site is possibly one of the best I’ve seen in a while and links into music exploration so deserves to be on here

According to the page linked above my life has been surrounded by Beyoncé at the biggest moments which, seeing as I don’t get the hype around Queen Bey, is just strange. Below are the songs from my life:

At 12 I was definitely losing myself to Eminem

At 16 I felt irreplaceable

At 18 I was looking for the single ladies (but not thinking of putting a ring on it)

And at 21 I was hoping that I was sexy and I knew it…yeh right


So go check out the songs of your life here and see if you have a similar experience of the songs working well in your life…with hopefully less Beyoncé


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