Music Picks: April

The times they are a-changing!

But here we are still with new Music Picks for the whole of April. We’ve seen the music scene blasted through the likes of Coachella and Ultra, and with it many great tracks that will hit even more in the summer months with the festival line up. Here are my picks for April:


Funny Animals – Martin Garrix McMaNGOS (Old MacDonald Edit)

Recently I used Garrix’s ‘Animals’ in a sponsorship promo vid for running the RockSolid Race, and it worked so well that the track became a firm favourite. Then DeadMau5 stepped in and used this remix of the track to playfully ridicule the young producer during his set at Ultra, the remix has also become a favourite purely for the ridiculousness of it and how well it works with the original.


Peter Pan Man – Ella Janes

I once interviewed Ella Janes for Exeter Uni’s radio station XpressionFM…don’t think she’ll remember but it was a good interview. Anyway, this track from Janes shows the melancholy nature of one of Exeter’s finest young musicians with an unusual uplifitng lilt to it.


Let Go – Little Dragon

A great bit of Swedish dance pop from Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband. Playful and bassy is how I would describe this gem of chill step that is rightly getting air time around the world. Check out their SoundCloud page for the more confusing side of their music.


Happy – Pharrell (Mr. Carmack Remix)

Bored and tired of everyone raving about Pharrell’s ‘Happy’? Find it strange that Robin Thicke has been blacklisted for ‘Blurred Lines’ but Pharrell got away with it? I don’t but these are topics that you could discuss whilst listening to Mr. Carmack’s remix of one of the top selling songs of the modern age.


#SELFIE – The Chainsmokers (Aero Chord Remix)

What is this blog coming to? Last month I posted Neon Jungle’s ‘Braveheart’ as a pick and now here’s the infamous #SELFIE making an entrance. Well even if you don’t like things being “so ratchet” (nope, me neither) check out how Aero Chord dealt with it, think we may be seeing this come through in the summer mixes. Oh and it’s a free download!


Jump Around – House of Pain (Benji Boko Remix)

Oh such a classic ‘Jump Around’ is, yet here is Benji Boko’s remix of that classic tune with a little 00’s flare that might well interest you. Believe me, you’ll hate it at first and then grow to love it as you keep listening along to it.


Late Night Call – Crvvcks

Finally, Crvvcks releases an aptly named track in ‘Late Night Call’. It’s got mellow peaks and troughs with warped vocals, everything you’d want from some late night chill step as the weather gets warmer and you feel like making the most of the late evenings.


That’s all there is for this month’s Music Picks. Make sure you follow @FaceFor_Radio for all the regular updates and check back here for the next blog post soon.


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