Sound of 2015 Thoughts

We’re taking a departure today from the usual FFR Daily Pick to talk about a very special list.Yes we haven’t forgotten that the BBC’s Sound of 2015 shortlist is out, bringing with it an interesting conundrum. The artists currently pipped for the top spot are:

George The Poet, James Bay, Kwabs, Lapsley, Novelist, Rae Morris, Raury, Shamir, Shura, Slaves, SOAK, Stormzy, Sunset Suns, Wolf Alice and Years & Years

This list is created by the BBC using a team of 139 UK-based tastemakers and will eventually be whittled down to the definitive Sound of 2015. The problem that comes is that this list does become slightly self fulfilling. It’s true that all of these artists are very talented and very popular, they are winning awards,Wolf Alice just won Best Breakthrough at the UK Festival Awards, and wowing the public.

However, as soon as the BBC says that you’re the one to watch you’re going to do well aren’t you? They’re focusing on you so why wouldn’t you. Regardless of who is named ‘sound of 2015’ the others will all get big airtime . So do we need this list to make people big or would they be big without it?


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